Resilience and flourishing for organisations, teams and individuals

Mindfulness, as a precisely defined skill and a trait, is the beginning of my coaching, whether for individuals or teams. Mindfulness enhances our resilience and increases our capacity.

Nurturance is a major principle in my approach to good culture development within teams and organisations.

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Our brains are programmable, and we are the programmersSocially and culturally, the knowledge of our own capacity for self-creation is a fulcrum, the differentiator between two stages of development.

Thanks to science and the discovery of neuroplasticity, we know that we can train our brains. This a matter of empirical fact, not opinion. Thanks to the contemplative traditions, we know how to train our minds. The knowledge that we are doing so all the time whether we like it or not – in other words, that we are always active agents in our own self-creation – can be felt to confer a deeper sense of moral responsibility (as well as power). It is a new freedom and a new burden, depending on how we relate to it.

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One of the major perks of this job is seeing the beneficial impact of mindfulness training on people's lives.

First, you make a connection with reality, with what is. You simply meet it. That requires letting go of two old companions who have been impersonating reality, holding you by the hand and guiding you: what you fear, and what you hope for.

Their palms are clammy and familiar, and letting them go to meet with reality is not a particularly glorious feat. It is totally ordinary, even mundane, because what is will not entertain you or accommodate your hangups. It has no bias towards you or against you. That is why it is reliable.

Making that connection is the first step towards making friends with reality. Over time, that friendship can become a deep love affair, and a love affair with what is has no end.