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What clients have said

Many coaches fall into the trap of advising, often unconsciously imposing or suggesting solutions that may fit them or may seem the obvious way ahead. This way, the coachee may be misled into a direction which is not really his or her own. Perhaps the quality I found most beneficial in Patrick's coaching style is the fact that he has displayed a canny ability to avoid this trap and thus is capable of helping the coachee to get closer to solutions that will indeed fit him/her. And that is what coaching is meant to be.

 - Wolfgang Ricke, former Finance Director of Sony Nordic

About me

I am a leadership coach and a mindfulness trainer.

I do this work because people are endlessly surprising and supporting their well-being and flourishing is tremendously rewarding. I've coached business owners, salaried professionals, university professors, students and other private individuals. I have a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) degree from the Unviersity of Cape Town and an ICF-accredited Diploma in Practitioner Coaching from The Coaching Centre in Cape Town.

I'm also a surfer, a meditator, a part-time computer geek, and a few other things.

This site is where I write about my work and my other interests.