What would open up?

My last post raised the question of whether it’s worth facing the unsatisfactory aspects of our lives, if that’s a prerequisite for change. Is it worthwhile to live life in that awakened, intentional way – which would mean engaging with those sometimes scary questions, being aware of our own discomfort or dissatisfaction, and living our lives as arenas of dynamic, fresh possibility?

To leave the question open, as I did, is a reliable principle in coaching: suspending my own point of view and inviting the other to engage with the question for herself. Then, to the extent that she engages with the question, it facilitates a learning process for her.

Also, in taking that stance, my own answer to the question becomes clear. The very act of asking, “Should we query our life?” answers the question: I just queried, so clearly I think it’s a good idea to do so. But why?

Some simple, well-known coaching models offer ways to explore the question of whether something is worthwhile. Like most coaching frameworks, it’s practical at heart. To explore the question of whether it’s worthwhile to query our life, we’d start with two simple questions, and I invite you to explore your answers:

1.  What would be opened up for you if you queried your life?

Answer that first. And then:

2.  What would be shut down for you if you queried your life?

Where does that leave you?