Any coach worth their salt will practice what they preach to their clients: bringing awareness in an integral way to each area of their life, committing to notice and work with their own blind spots, their triggers and their biases.

That is what one might call a path of awakening: waking up to the reality of ourselves and our world.

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I was coached for 40 minutes this morning by Leigh Johnson as part of her evaluation in the Integral Coaching Centre’s Diploma in Practitioner Coaching. My own evaluation will happen in May, so this was a great opportunity to view the process from the inside.

My topic for coaching was rife with negative emotions: anger, envy and, because I judge myself for having those emotions, shame too – all complicated by my intellect, which creates watertight storylines and is fascinated by its own logic. So, it was juicy! And it was an excellent session. In only 40 minutes, Leigh’s attention and questioning facilitated at least two significant shifts in the way I relate to those feelings and what they’re about.

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My last post raised the question of whether it’s worth facing the unsatisfactory aspects of our lives, if that’s a prerequisite for change. Is it worthwhile to live life in that awakened, intentional way – which would mean engaging with those sometimes scary questions, being aware of our own discomfort or dissatisfaction, and living our lives as arenas of dynamic, fresh possibility?

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Recently I overheard a conversation that began with the ubiquitous, “So, what do you do?” Pretty soon one of the conversationalists remarked on how rare it was to meet someone who truly enjoyed their job. That always gets me thinking. It seems odd to spend most of your life doing something you dislike, just so you can survive and keep doing it.

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So this is my first blog post on my new website. I’m excited and nervous, and I feel like I’ve got an enormous amount to discuss.

This blog is where I want to explore ideas and thoughts about coaching, mindfulness and life. I hope it’ll be of interest to an audience, and above all I hope it’s a place for exploration and play, in their broadest meanings. For me, the most interesting ideas are the ones with practical applications, and I'm going to post about a lot more than just mindfulness and coaching.

I’m fascinated by humans’ potential to develop in ways that surprise and delight. That’s part of the reason I work as a coach and a mindfulness trainer: I want to work skillfully with people to facilitate their flourishing. I’m deeply excited by coaching, and many of the people I meet don’t have a clue what it is. So, here’s starting.

In line with my permissive bent, I’m not going to set up policy before time. I’ll do that as I go along. Let’s see what comes.