Patrick has a very calm and patient demeanour. I would categorise myself in the “tough-to-coach” category as I am impatient and at times resistant to change. I found Patrick’s ability to listen, challenge, and mostly to stay engaged in the process to be impressive. I found his questioning to be pertinent and his willingness to be authentic to be very refreshing.

Patrick, I appreciate your time and effort that you put into coaching me, and more especially your willingness to be patient and flexible in your work.

 - Coaching client, September 2012

Patrick proved to be a good listener and a thoughtful, insightful coach. Although clearly a deep thinker, he kept returning me to my feelings on my experiences to connect in a more reflective way. I appreciated his mindfulness in his coaching and teaching this connection to the present to me.

 -  Coaching client, January 2013

I have known Patrick since 2010 and have come to appreciate his support and advice on various issues. As a trainer in mindfulness, Patrick brings qualities which hugely benefit him and his clients in his coaching engagements. Apart from his warm and good-natured personality, Patrick shows natural empathy, coupled with a positive outlook. It is simply pleasant to spend time with him, even if issues are serious. That I find extremely helpful in any coaching setting.

Many coaches fall into the trap of advising, often unconsciously imposing or suggesting solutions that may fit them or may seem the obvious way ahead. This way, the coachee may be misled into a direction which is not really his or her own. Perhaps the quality I found most beneficial in Patrick's coaching style is the fact that he has displayed a canny ability to avoid this trap and thus is capable of helping the coachee to get closer to solutions that will indeed fit him/her. And that is what coaching is meant to be.

 - Wolfgang Ricke, former Finance Director of Sony Nordic

Your compassion is tangible. Your commitment, integrity and follow-through were excellent. I appreciated your wisdom and knowledge about the subject of mindfulness. Also your ability to listen and your non-judgemental attitude made me feel very safe. I really enjoyed our journey together.

 - Coaching client, July 2012